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At ANSE CHASTANET, it is our endeavor to make all wedding arrangements on your behalf whilst you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Time Frame for Civil Ceremony

The normal application process would require that clients spend at least 3 full days on the island prior to the wedding date. After the signing of the wedding application after arrival in front of a notary public at the resort, the application process requires the documents to remain with the Attorney General's offices for 2 full working days. These two days need to be working days. The actual wedding can be on the fourth day of stay. Against a US 275 surcharge, the wedding application can be processed within a 24 hour period (work-ing day, not Sat/Sun). The surcharge covers the Government express fees and special courier services to and from. Anse Chastanet Resort requires a minimum stay of 5 nights from all couples wishing to get married..

Required Information and Documents

Passports (divorced female partners must also provide their birth certificate), the immigration form copy you receive upon entering St. Lucia. Full addresses/occupation of both. Divorced partners require the original divorce papers which must show a proper seal or stamp, an official signature and must clearly state the decree absolute of the divorce. If the original divorce document cannot be made available, a court certified photocopy must be obtained, bearing the appropriate original seals and/or stamps. If the divorce papers are in a foreign language, a certified translation into English must be obtained prior to arrival and this translation must be brought along in addition to the original divorce papers. Widowed wedding participants need to bring along the original death certificate and official translation if in a foreign language.

In order to prepare the wedding application prior to guests’ arrival all of the required information should be faxed or mailed to the Hotel in copy a few weeks in advance. All of the required documents must be brought along in their original form. After arrival, the legal documents must be signed in presence of a Justice of the Peace or the lawyer.

Time Frame for Church Weddings

If both bride and groom are catholic and have not been married before, a church wedding can be arranged , requiring at least 3 months of advance notice. The bride and groom are required to attend pre-nuptial sessions with their parish priest at home. The parish priest will have to confirm this in writing to his Grace, The Arch Bishop of St.Lucia. The wedding ceremony will then take place in the Catholic Church - no other location is possible.

Wedding Day and Wedding Ceremony

Weddings are usually held in the afternoon between 4-5.30pm. Other times can of course also be arranged. The wedding ceremony is a civil ceremony which is conducted by one of the Island's registrars. The ceremony is legally required to be conducted after sunrise and before sunset. At the end of the ceremony you will receive your wedding licence. The registrar is prepared to include in the official ceremony a poem or text of your choosing.

Tropical Wedding Packages

Elope To Paradise - US 1395


All legal processing, lawyer and registrar fees including cost of the Justice of the Peace, cost of wedding licence and marriage certificate; all messenger and transportation services, wedding bouquet, buttonhole for groom, expert services of our wedding coordinator and Anse Chastanet team members to handle all arrangements, choice of wedding locations on 600 acre property including Treehouse and Kai La Mer, witnesses if required, decorated wedding location and decorated wedding arch, 2-tier wedding cake, special dinner table for wedding party

The Great Escape - US 3295

The Great Escape Package incorporates our most popular optional services into the Elope to Paradise wedding package: Photographer, Videographer, Private Champagne Sunset Cruise (on any day)

The Ultimate Escape - US 4950

A popular choice for parents of the bride and groom who may wish to "treat the kids". The Ultimate Escape package is designed to create a no hassle, absolutely all inclusive wedding package for the bride and groom: The Ultimate Escape includes all features of our Elope to Paradise package together with Photographer, Videographer, Private Champagne Sunset Cruise (on any day), Top to Toe spa treatments for both the bride and groom, entertainment during the ceremony (choose from shak shak band, steel band duo or solo guitarist), special wedding gift and special embroidered bed linen for wedding night

In addition to the wedding package, wedding couples can choose accommodation packages such as the TROPICAL TRANQUILITY or TOTAL ROMANCE PACKAGES.

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