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Don't just take our word for it.

I would especially like to thank Karolin and Peter for taking a personal interest in our wedding preparations and organizing my engagement surprise at Marigot.
-M/M Scullion

Words or an email cannot even do justice to explain how beautiful our wedding was.
It's so funny in hindsight how nervous we were that everything would go
as we wanted. But it was even better than we could have imagined.
-D Thomas

Peter gave us a lovely and amusing talk at our wedding meeting - "very informative", thank you.
-M/M McCarthy

The reception was so much fun and exactly how we pictured it. The staff
did a phenomenal job incorporating purple into the flower arrangements,
and set-up our home brought vase and candle decorations. The tables
looked fabulous! The band was a huge hit. Allison and I keep talking
about how amazing our music was at the wedding, both wedding and
reception. I do not think it can ever be topped.
-T Capello

Peter Jn. Paul (manager)-Peter was attentive before and after wedding, great personality.
-M/M Loyola

Peter did a wonderful job of coordinating our wedding! Apsara was also wonderful-both food and service.
-M/M Atkins

I think I speak for both of us when I say it was absolutely AMAZING. I keep
telling people that I feel like the stars aligned for our 2 weeks to make
things so awesome. The atmosphere, staff, food, etc. was over the top. We
really were made to feel at home by everyone from management (Peter, Monica,
Loukie, Andrew, Gianluca) to the waiters and waitresses (Janice, Julietta,
Stephen, Ryan) to reception staff (Angel, Shanta, Stacy, Mathy, Winsia). I
am leaving people out and I apologize to each of them, but I can go on and
- T Klein

Peter Jn. Paul and staff were outstanding in helping us make our wedding day special.
-M/M Wilson

A truly outstanding location, wonderful facilities, excellent staff and service, food excellent and as we were here for the wedding of Sam Borgman and Anna Lau, all arrangements were first class, as was Peter the Exc. Assistant manager, no problems whatsoever. Thank you so much for making Sam and Anna's wedding such a wonderful experience and even more memorable than a usual wedding.
- M/M Frost

Karolin, I finally have found the time to write you and complement your resort and your entire staff. I'm not sure words can adequately describe how incredibly wonderful Jade Mountain, Peter, and the
entire Anse Chastanet/Jade Mountain staff are.

First of all, the Jade Mountain facility is fantastic - absolutely the most
incredible lodging we have experienced. The staff at Jade Mountain,
especially Peter and the ladies in the Jade Mountain reception area,
attended to our every need and request as though we were the only guests
on-site. The food was awesome and the views breathtaking.

And finally, the wedding exceeded our every expectation. All the
preparations, from the wedding photographer (who was wonderful), to the
catamaran picking us up on the beach, to the ceremony, and even the ladies
awaiting our arrival to carry the wedding cake for us, were perfect.

In summary, your facility is and will always remain our favorite
destination. We typically expect somewhat slower service (aka "Island
Time") and limited facilities when we travel in the Caribbean; however Jade
Mountain and Anse Chastanet are first rate.

Thanks so much to you and your staff for everything. And a special thanks
to you for mailing the stones to the U.S. for us....it's those special
"extra touches" that mean so much.
-D Wise

A special big thank you to Peter, who organized our wedding and brought much happiness to our day and organizing the sunset cruise. His continuous effort made our holiday and wedding the best we could have ever imagined.
-M/M Coonick/Blatchford

Peter Jn Paul (Asst. Mgr.) provided excellent service on organizing our wedding. We'd have been so lost without him.
-M/M MacKay

Peter Jn Paul (Exec. Asst. Mgr.) worked his magic for our wedding, giving us a very special day.
- M/M Brookes

Beautiful wedding handled by Peter with expertise. Flowers beautiful!
-M/M Behler

Peter - wedding/vows co-ordinator - was everything we could have hoped for. He listens well and works hard!
-M/M Corcoran

Just want to say a special thank you to Peter Jn Paul for arranging our wedding. It took all the stress away from our big day.
-M/M Kendall

Monica - wedding co-ordinator - she was so helpful and made our wedding day perfect.
-M/M Laron

Extra touches made it special - Peter and wedding planning, flowers on bed for wedding night, personalized service.
-M/M Laforce

Peter (manager) my friend's wedding was fabulous.
-M/M Werestick

Really great! Definitely to Peter who arranged an excellent wedding.
-M/M Macheil

Mr. Jn Paul took all the stress away from us for the wedding, thanks.
-M/M Houcek

In such a relaxed atmosphere I was very impressed with how organized the staff was and how well the various departments coordinated our activities to include our wedding.
-M/M Preston

Peter Jn Paul - he made sure that my daughter's wedding was a special event; he handled everything.
-M/M Butler

Monica-event planner, Bernd-photographer-helpful and accommodating - made our wedding day perfect.
-M/M Ostafi

Peter Jean Paul (Executive Asst. Manager) did a wonderful job coordinating our wedding and making it a special, stress-free event.
-M/M Anderson


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