Two Award Winning Romance Resorts

Welcome to the enchanting realms of Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain! Nestled amidst the breathtaking beauty of St. Lucia, our resorts are celebrated as two of the island's premier wedding destinations. Here, every nuance of our architecture and ambiance magnificently comes together to create the perfect backdrop for your special day.

With our intimate setting, rest assured that your wedding is much more than just an event on our schedule. It's a cherished moment. Our devoted management and staff are dedicated to ensuring that your celebration unfolds seamlessly, enveloped in warmth and joy. We work closely with each couple, offering a personalized touch, right from the initial consultation, allowing couples the flexibility to infuse their own vows into the civil ceremony.

Non-nationals need only reside in St. Lucia for 2 days to be eligible for a civil ceremony conducted directly at our Resort. Additionally, for those in a hurry, there's a 24-hour "express" service option available for an extra government fee. While we can organize Catholic Church weddings, they require a minimum of 3 months of preparation and coordination with the bride and groom's local parish priest.

Wedding Couple Jade Mountain

Many Scenic Locations To Choose From

Wedding Couple Jade Mountain

Rather than a traditional wedding chapel, we invite you to choose a location that speaks to your heart within our expansive 600-acre estate, boasting two pristine beaches. To preserve the exclusivity and intimacy of your day, we ensure only one wedding ceremony per day.

Bansi & Edward, An Elopement in St. Lucia from Pacific Pictures on Vimeo.

Amazing Wedding Packages

At our resorts, we're delighted to present three distinct wedding packages, tailored to complement every couple's vision. Each package can be seamlessly added to any reservation.

  1. Elope To Paradise - US 1495: Dive into a romantic, hassle-free wedding experience. This package includes legal formalities (Justice of the Peace, wedding license, marriage certificate, and all legal fees), the expertise of our personal wedding coordinator, choice of majestic locations within our 600-acre property, and celebratory essentials such as a tropical bouquet, wedding cake, champagne, and a specially decorated dinner table.
  2. The Great Escape - US 3395: Elevate your experience by combining all the offerings of the Elope to Paradise package with added splendors. Delight in capturing your special moments with the Standard photography package, relive the day with our Videography service and bask in the golden hues of a Private Champagne Sunset Cruise.
  3. The Ultimate Escape - US 4950: Indulge in unparalleled luxury tailored for couples seeking a comprehensive wedding experience. Along with all Elope to Paradise features, the Ultimate Escape immerses you in a Diamond photography session, Videography, an intimate Private Champagne Sunset Cruise, a rejuvenating spa package for both, live ceremony entertainment, and exquisite touches like a special wedding gift and embroidered bed linen for your wedding night.

Wedding Couple Jade Mountain

Choose the perfect package that aligns with your dreams and let us craft unforgettable memories for you. To check availability for a hotel reservation please click here for Anse Chastanet and here for Jade Mountain. Alternatively call 1-800-223-1108.

To check the availability of a wedding date, email

Interested in combining both resorts? Check out our Yin and Yang Package.


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